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He came highly recommended to us, and the news of his arrest is not something we would have anticipate," a school spokeswoman said in a statement. Spencer's arrest did not involve a WCBA participant or take place at a WCBA event, the safety and security of our WCBA participants is the highest prioity for our organization," WCBA said in a statement.

The free version contains information about 50 nasty additives, but a full app version with a list of 450-plus additives is available for .99.If he's traveling alone, you can confirm that he arrived at a specific destination, or if he's meeting up with friends, they can confirm each other's locations.Location info is never shared with anyone else beyond those who have permission to see it, and data is saved for later review.Even though the app is free, parents will need to purchase a subscription for the tracking feature.(Free to download, service requires a monthly fee; i Phone, i Pad)Created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this app lets parents store their children's photos plus other identification (height, weight, hair and eye color, age) for quick access if a child ever goes missing.

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